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Monday Night Mystics - Camp Ticonderoga Restaurant, Troy, Michigan

I’m often asked by students, parents, and aspiring hobbyists on where they can learn more about the Art of Magic. The majority of beginner magic books will tell you to visit the library, your local magic shop, or visit a variety of websites to learn more about the Art of Magic. These resources are useful but nothing beats finding a real-live person who can demonstrate a magic trick and provide the inside information on how to perform it correctly. If you are a student of magic and want to learn more, I encourage you to visit the Monday Mystics – Metro Detroit’s informal gathering of hobbyists, amateur and professional magicians who all enjoy discussing, teaching, and sharing the Art of Magic.

As a lifelong inhabitant of Metro Detroit, I’ve been a member of several magic associations and informal magic clubs. Some associations suffer from too much organization and parliamentary procedure that they forget the main reason for a magic club – the MAGIC! At the Monday Mystics, the main focus is Magic. You’ll always find a willing group of performers ready to show you their latest magic trick! There are no officers or rules. We enjoy applauding any performer’s efforts and respect the right to voice an opinion. The goal is to help each other entertain (or at least amuse) the public, and if someone doesn’t fool a magician, it doesn’t matter! Although, due to an unfortunate incident that (ahem) whose fault remains nameless, we’ve been asked to keep the tigers, rabbits, and doves at home!

At the Monday Mystics, newcomers and experienced professionals are welcome to join the cast of characters who show up at 7 p.m. every Monday night at the Camp Ticonderoga restaurant at 5725 Rochester Rd, Troy Michigan. Each week, our members bring a trick to share or a story from a recent performance. There isn’t a set agenda and the magicians casually share an excellent meal over card tricks, mind reading, sleight of hand, and practical jokes. Did I mention the $11.95 prime rib special or the 35-cent wings?

The History of Metro Detroit’s Monday Mystics Magic Club

The Monday Night Mystics was organized over 17 years ago by the late “Doc” Condon who originally dubbed it the “Clare Cummings Roundtable”. For those of you who remember Twin Pines, Milky the Clown was Detroit’s own Clare Cummings. It was an active group of magicians who packed the dining rooms of several establishments.

A few years after Clare’s passing, the “Underground Legend”, Ron Bauer began to bring Milt Kort to the meetings. In the magic community, both Ron and Milt’s contributions to the Art of Magic are well known. Many aspiring magicians learned their first coin tricks from Milt’s contributions to Bobo’s Coin Magic – a legendary text in the Art of Magic.

The name changed January 9th, 2006 to the Monday Mystic when during a volunteer performance for the Lake Orion Lions Club, the group needed a name to identify the magicians who were strolling around entertaining the non-magician crowd. The “Clare Cummings Roundtable” would not make any sense to a non-magician audience so the Monday Mystics was created. The performance was well received as the Monday Mystics entertained their audiences with the name badges created by Ron Bauer and Sandra Kort.

If you’re a newcomer to magic or an experienced professional looking for some camaraderie and laughs sandwiched between a card trick or two, then visit the Monday Mystics each Monday night. The real benefits of the group are the willing mentors and colleagues who can help you learn and grow in the Art of Magic. Also, if you’re a fan of magic but not an actual performer, please feel free to attend! We always enjoy a captive crowd eager for more magic tricks!

Chuck Stroud is the unofficial organizer of each week’s meeting and you can keep up to date with the Monday Mystics by contacting him at If you’re attending a meeting, send me an email at and I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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